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Kaano Restaurant Group, Inc. in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana seeks to hire a Food and Beverage Manager to oversee restaurant and catering services.  Job duties include providing supervision to restaurant managers/employees; developing/implementing business plans; planning/hosting catered events; managing company-wide purchasing/budgeting/expenses; and ensuring compliance with health/safety regulations.  Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in Food & Beverage Management or related field and at least 8 years experience in management and specialization in Middle Eastern cuisine.  Send resumes to carolyn@kaanogroup.com.

The Zeus Experience

Zeus has deep roots that embrace the unique Mediterranean cuisine and culture native to the Balbeisi Brothers Restaurant Group, married carefully to the flavors of Louisiana that they have lovingly embraced.

This backbone of Mediterranean flavors creates a menu bursting with nutritional, healthy food prepared when ordered that tastes fantastic because it is made with the freshest ingredients available. The dining environment is welcoming and traditional. Customer satisfaction has been a foundation of the Zeus philosophy since its founding, as diners have flocked to the restaurants to experience new and interesting flavors.

The cross-cultural creations that come from the kitchens and imagination of Zeus – from the chicken shawarma to the flavor-packed gyros, hummus and fresh salads – is just part of the personal history of family, food and community that goes into the Balbeisi Brothers dedication to hospitality.

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