Greek and Lebanese Café. Lafayette, Lake Charles, Louisiana
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All items cooked with olive oil and healthy ingredients


$4.99 Hummus

A dip made of chick peas, garlic, lemon and sesame oil served with pita bread

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$5.95 Baba Ghanoush

Roasted eggplants with a touch of garlic, lemon and sesame oil dressing served with pita bread


$5.99 Grecian Dip

A dip made of sour cream, cucumbers, garlic, and olive oil served with bread


$4.50 Spinach Pies

Two pies stuffed with spinach feta cheese and onions


$4.99 Meat Pies

Two pies stuffed with seasoned ground beef and pine nuts


$4.95 Fried Kibbi

Shells made of cracked wheat stuffed with ground beef, onions, pine nuts, and spices

$5.50 Spicy Hummus

Our famous hummus topped with red chili peppers.

$8.50 Zeus Sampler

Hummus, Grecian Dip, Meat Grape Leaves, Spinach Pies, & Pita Bread.


$3.00 Baklava

Sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup.

$4.50 Tiramisu

Layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and brandy with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese.

Kids Meals

Served with choice of hummus or fries and a drink



$6.50 Feta Salad

A delicious Greek salad made from a combination of iceberg and romaine lettuces tosses in out specialty house dressing. Topped with feta cheese, Greek olives, and tomatoes


$6.50 Fattoush Salad

A hearty, delightful salad made from a combination of Iceberg and Romaine lettuces, tossed pita bites, bell peppers and Mediterranean spices tossed in our own

Zeus Salad

$7.50 Zeus Salad

Our specialty salad created from a combination of our Greek salad and Lebanese salad with a special touch


$7.50 Tabbouleh

The most famous parsley salad of Lebanon, made from bunches of crisp parsley, scallions, mint, tomatoes, virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice and cracked wheat

Gyro zeus Salad

$8.50 Gyro Salad

Your choice of Feta, Fattoush, or Zeus salad topped with slices of gyro meat

Combo Zeus Salad

$9.99 Combination Salad

Your choice of Feta, Fattoush, or Zeus salad topped with slices of gyro meat and chicken schwarma


All of our combination plates are served with hummus , feta salad, pita bread, and a drink


$9.35 Gyro Plate

Lean lamb and beef broiled on a vertical grill


$9.35 Falafel Plate

Golden fried seasoned vegetable patties. You could say they are Lebanese hush puppies

Sandwich Combos

All of our sandwich combos are served with hummus and a drink Sandwich only $5.50


$8.99 Gyro Sandwich

Seasoned beef and lamb, grecian dip, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion swrapped in pita bread


$8.99 Falafel Sandwich

Seasoned vegetable patties, tahini sauce, lettuce and tomatoes wrapped in pita bread

Spicy Chicken Wrap

$8.99 Spicy Chicken Wrap

Our famous grilled chicken mixed with homed spicy olive mix & garlic sauce served on lightly toasted flat bread

$8.99 Spicy Gyro Wrap

Seasoned beef and lamb, with a homemade spicy olive mix & garlic sauce, served on lightly toasted flat bread,